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A Cornish Wedding = Demedhyans Kernewek


Have you thought of using Cornish to make your wedding that bit more special? Here are some phrases and sample invitations that you could use.

Popping the question!

Will you marry me?

A wre’ ta demedhi genev vy?

I will!


 The engagement

 We are happy to announce our engagement.

Lowen on ni deklarya agan bos ambosys.

 The Wedding Invite

 Mr and Mrs Thomas are delighted to invite you to the wedding of their daughter Tamsin to Paul Tredrea, which will take place at St John’s Church on Saturday 4th June.

Pur lowen yw Mr ha Mrs Thomas dh’agas gelwel dhe dhemedhyans aga myrgh Tamsin dhe Paul Tredrea a vydh synsys orth Eglos S. Jowan dhe 4 dydh a vis Metheven.

 Tamsin and Paul are delighted to invite you to join them for their wedding.

Tamsin ha Paul yw pur lowen dh’agas gelwel dh’aga junya rag aga demedhyans.


The Reception




To the Bride and Groom!

Dhe’n venyn bryas ha’n gour pryas!

Good wishes

Congratulations on your wedding day!

Keslowena a’gas dydh demedhyans!

With love from…

Gans kerensa dyworth…


Enjoy your day!

Omlowenhewgh agas dydh!

Just Married

Nowydh demedhys

 Copies of the marriage service in Cornish are available and Maga can always help with specific translations. For further information, contact cornishlanguage@cornwall.gov.uk.


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