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Bowes Photographic

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Helland, Cornwall PL30 4PX
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Bowes Photographic. A natural mix of photojournalism and classic wedding photography delivered in a relaxed style. Among the best in the Westcountry.I offer a reportage style with some classic groups to keep traditionalists happy. We tell the story of the day in a relaxed fashion that will put even the most camera shy at ease.

I believe that the best photos are of people when they feel relaxed and comfortable.  I have been going through this years reviews and thinking about what describes my work best. The most important opinion about what I do belongs to my clients and there is a thread of opinion based on their experience of my work and service that  best sums up what I do.

“Mark put us at ease and made us feel relaxed , which is reflected in the natural photographs.”

” On the day you were so friendly and relaxed you made us feel a lot less nervous on our special day and you helped us relax and smile real smiles that makes the photos beautiful”

“Mark was professional from the start, friendly and very patient which made all our guests feel at ease.”

“ He has an eye for those little moments and catches them in a beautiful way.”

“ Mark just joined in with the day and didn’t take over.”

 “It was a great idea to recon the hotel and the surroundings before the big day to locate the best areas for photos. A big thumbs up! Mark made us feel relaxed so the were no forced smiles which you get in some wedding photos. Every photo captured a natural smile and the face of enjoyment.”

 “ I was impressed how quickly everything came together and our photos were ready when we came back. We liked the book so much we ordered more copies.”

“ We have been complimented on our photos by numerous family and friends. I was even called photogenic which is not the case. Mark is just very talented.”

 “ The quality of the pictures are exceptional and he captures the atmosphere of the day perfectly…. And all at an exceptional price.”

 “ Absolutely amazed, you made us look flawless, glamorous and as happy as we felt that day. Unbelievable thank you so much.”

 “ He just turned up and fitted in as part of the day. He put us at ease and the photos were ready one week later. The photos are very good quality, very pleased.”

 “ Mark was absolutely fantastic from beginning to end! He fitted in so well on the day and made everyone feel natural as it should be. The shots are amazing, he captured how perfect our day was. Its truly been a pleasure.”

Natural photography from a photographer that puts you at ease and just joins in with the day. A modern mix of reportage and classic photography the whole family will like. Photos of quality that capture real smiles and magic moments. All for a sensible price, ready and waiting for you when you come home from honeymoon. That’s what they say! Does it sound like what you want?Get in touch to work out what suits you best  for your money from £550- £850

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