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Toast ‘n’ Host – Toastmaster

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Cornwall Toastmaster
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Keith Kneebone ORIGINAL TOASTMASTER. There can be no doubt that, as a professional toastmaster, I will bring direction, protocol and formality to your wedding day.

With several years of experience behind me I will ensure that everything flows efficiently and to your wishes.
Your special day can benefit from a Toastmaster’s special service.
What service will I provide as your personal Toastmaster?
You can expect me to:
ü Greet guests as they arrive
ü Guide everyone to where they should be
ü Assist anyone with any queries
ü Arrange the receiving line
ü Assist the photographer where appropriate
ü Call guests’ attention to any seating arrangements
ü Announce the bride and bridegroom into the room
ü Conduct toasts and announce speakers
ü Make any further announcements as required
ü Assist anyone with writing and/or presenting speeches
You can be confident that I will bring Pleasant Protocol and Friendly Formality to virtually any occasion, therefore making it a truly memorable event.
With me as Toastmaster in attendance, everyone will experience the comfort of knowing they are in the hands of a seasoned professional. My aim is to ensure everyone enjoys themselves to the full.

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