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Great Expectations, need to be managed.

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The problem with great expectations is meeting them. Disappointment is born  of  expecting one thing and getting another. It is vital you are on the same page and have the same view as your key wedding suppliers. I had a very interesting meeting with Cyril at the Rosewarne Manor. I explained my approach to photography and the recon meeting I insist on with the couple at location so we physically look at the real photo setting together! So we share an understanding of what is possible based on reality. There is no point showing me a sunset silhouette of models on a beach in the Caribbean as a sample of what you want! When you are getting married in the clay country. Expectations have to be based in reality, if you are on the same page in the beginning you have every chance of being happy at the end. The Rosewarne Manor has a similar phylosophy and Cyril gave me a copy of the checklist and questionaire  they give to couples before they quote for the function. Its makes interesting reading here are some highlights.

The date

Is it available or are there alternative that still suit you?

Is there a midweek discount?

The Venue

Is it the right size, too big can be just as much a problem as too small?

Are you the only function that day?

Will they be open to other customers?

Does the style and ambience feel right?

Do they recommend other services and do they get commission for it?

Do they have a wedding coordinator and do they charge for the service?

What is the parking like?

What is the access like for the older guests?

The Catering

Have you sampled the food?

Do they have set menus or is it tailored to you?

Is the function food the same standard as the restaurant food?

How much choice will your guests have for each course?

Have you seen the kitchen, you have legal right to view it?

Check the Food Standards Agency rating for cleanliness look for a minimum score of 3 find it at http://ratings.food.gov.uk/authority-search/cornwall

will your food be prepared onsite by trained chefs or is it brought in ready prepared?

Is the meal special enough for your special day?

Timing of the event

Do you have to vacate the room for redressing?

Where can you go and for how long?

What is closing time?

Have you allowed for delays, build in contingencies?

The staff

Do they seem friendly and welcoming?

Do you feel comfortable?

Do they have a can do attitude, do you feel passion about?

The price

Can your budget cover what you want?

Are you getting reasonable value?

Is it all inclusive, what is extra?

What are the bar price like?


What is due when?

Can you pay with a card to get payment protection?

The booking contract

What are the terms and conditions like?

What are the cancellation costs?

Can you make changes to numbers, menu etc?

Is there a min charge or min number of guests?


Have you got any against cancellation costs?

Paying for something you never had is a bitter pill,

its not expensive look into it!

Reproduced by kind permission of Cyril at Rosewarne Manor, Connor Downs, Hayle TR27 5JQ


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