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How to find your perfect bouquet


How to find your perfect Wedding Florist:Finding your wedding florist can be a scary thought, but we have put together
some hints and tips to assist you in choosing the right florist for you.
Ask your venue who they recommend and use. It is likely that your venue will
use a particular florist for most of their work.

Is there a florist close to your venue that know the area?
After narrowing down a few florists, check their website, social networking
sites and most importantly, check their reviews. Many social networking have
a review option and will list the florists reviews.
Ask around. Ask your cake lady, your dress woman, hotel staff, hair dresser
etc and see who they would recommend. You may be surprised and they may
only recommend one florist, or they may recommend a florist you never
thought of.

Ask your florists about their qualifications, experience and timed served in the industry.
Ask your florist’s opinion. A good florist should be able to provide help and
advice on choosing your flowers.
Build up a relationship, make sure you feel comfortable with your chosen
florist to ask them anything, and feel like you are being listened to.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT! Is the florist shop clean and tidy? (if they
have a shop). Is it a hive of activity and are they eager to assist?
REMEMBER… It is YOUR wedding, and you make the final decision on your
flowers. Visit a few florists, and chose the one who makes you feel most at

Now you’ve chosen your florist, here’s a few tips to remember:
If you have a budget, tell your florist. A good florist will be able to advise on
effective ways to reduce the costs.
Be realistic, flexible and open-minded. Sometimes the most unusual
combinations work with impressive results.  Flowers have seasons. If a flower is out of season, it may still be available BUT it will have travelled many miles which will reflect in the high cost, and it will be a lesser quality. A good florist should have the ability to find out availability and will advise you. Flowers are a natural product and colours will vary according to season.

Colour schemes, textures, themes, photos and more all play a part in designing and creating your dream flowers.amelia-and-jack-300x300

Book your florist early. A good florist will always be highly sort after, so don’t
leave it to the last minute and risk being disappointed.
Make an appointment each and every time you visit your florist. They will
need time to collate ideas, images and samples. All of this takes time.
Final thought…
You will be surprised how much time and effort goes into quotations, ideas and
the final product. The more information you give your florist, the better. Thanks to Kelly Ann’s Flowers Newquay


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