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Question & Answers with Mark Bowes.

The cornishweddingcollective.co.uk why ? The wedding market has no repeat business, you start again every year, so advertising and marketing is paramount and the biggest expense to most small to medium size suppliers. So to give a sales platform to wedding suppliers offering sensible value to couples on Cornish Wages we are focused online and on Facebook. We are not burdened with overheads of print, paper, company cars, expensive offices and staff. We are lean without being light weight.

How do you mean lean but not lightweight ? Well we had over 45,000 page views and 9,319 visits from 6,582 visitors since we started last year. Real accountable Google figures, not projected market penetration of unaudited circulation magazines. The only reliable figures about the market size is from the national office of statistics which shows weddings at about 3,500 each year for Cornwall and the Isles of ScillyScreen shot 2014-09-26 at 10.30.35 (1)

But don’t the magazines already do that?Well its a matter of provable audit-able figures and the maths of scale, an advert for an eighth of a page has cost me £166 for a quarter of a year and a wedding fair can cost another £190 if you can get in so it can cost over £350 to meet a couple. This is clearly an obstacle to providing value at the smaller end of the market. We  charge £99 per year and £55 for a wedding fair which gives the smaller suppliers a chance and stops the market domination of the larger more expensive companies and makes balancing a budget more possible for couples on Cornish wages!

There are already listing web sites for Cornwall?They are passive listings with endless suppliers. It is like a shoal of fish too many to pick one out.  The Cornish Wedding Collective will be an active web magazine and facebook page with feature articles about real people’s weddings and their true stories. The listing of services will be limited to 12 per section enough to give you choice without drowning in it. The exception will be services that have to be local like hairdressers, florists and of course the venue. These will be specific to towns throughout Cornwall.

So this is for couples in Cornwall run by wedding specialists in Cornwall?
Yes. This web site is aimed at couples living on Cornish wages not a fantasy wedding magazine featuring models wearing £4,000 wedding dresses. This is the poorest county in England  so what is the point in promoting the unaffordable.  We aim to promote artisan and bespoke craftsmen who cannot afford a marketing presence along with conventional suppliers who want to offer good value for money and are hampered by high advertising and marketing costs.

So you deal with real life Cornish issues?The collective runs features on issues like where do you get married in the summer season. What flowers are best value when, Who says what and when in the speech’s and the real life tales of Cornish couples!

What makes you think you are qualified to do this? I trained in marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, trained  in journalism with the London School of Journalism.  I am certified as an exceptionally high linear thinker with the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising which proves a high level of reasoning powers and problem solving.

Blah Blah Blah!  Well you asked but yeah I know! More important is I live and work in Cornwall as a wedding photographer sharing the day with many Cornish couples. I also share the events with the exhibitors if I run this for mutual benefit not as a profit centre. If no body comes I miss out on my share too! Sharing the same interest as the rest at the events is a powerful focus empathy is vital in this industry. I have first hand insight of the real issues that affect couples and suppiers. If I don’t know something! I know someone who will! So even if you doubt the individual you cant really doubt the Collective knowledge can you?

So why a Collective? Because I want this to be run in a co-operative fashion. The aim is to promote services worth more than they cost or are unique.  If you remove the barrier of high advertising costs and the exclusivity of some wedding events you make it possible to offer good value services and make a living. Collective effort has unique benefits to all, based on empathy and balance  because a good deal always makes both sides happy!  www.cornishweddingcollective.co.uk the new force in Cornish Wedding Marketing, Online, On Facebook and in person at free events around Cornwall. It sounds good because it is!

Why should people care ? We are the only show in town for the smaller suppliers who can’t afford the old ink on paper magazine advertising costs . If you want choice and to balance a budget support the people who can help you do it for you today and your friends or Sisters next year. Support diversity, choice, and affordability in Cornwall.


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