17th February Trenython Manor St Austell

Marie & Ben the secret mission!

Marie & Ben Carlyon Bay 26th July 180

I get to spend special days with lovely people in lovely settings as a wedding photographer. The best bit for me is when they come back from honeymoon and see the photos. They get to re live the day and sometimes share their story with me.I recently spent a few such hours with Marie & Ben arriving at the cottage, jet lagged from 24 hrs on buses,boats,planes and cars coming home from the Caribbean. I make a decent cup of coffee which helped as did the photos of very special day at Carlyon Bay on 26th July. We got to talking about how they met!

Ben came out of the fog at a St Austell nightclub to ambush Marie on the dance floor. He was gentlemanly yet persistent in his pursuit. It turned out they had met 2 years before in a Newquay club and been split up by chance before exchanging digits. Life and luck gave them a second chance and 4 years later they had Samuel together.

Last year Ben put together his proposal plan. Buying the ring and arranging a romantic trip to Rome what could go wrong? He even checked with Marie’s eldest daughter Sophie about the ring and the plan, all was good. But having asked Sophie he began to panic about security leaks and in a minor panic text her to make things clear of the top secret nature of the mission. He got a reassuring text back as to her understanding and commitment to the mission and its secrecy. It made him laugh not just to himself but out loud in front of Marie. She being a women had to know what makes you so happy. Nothing wasn’t enough of an answer, so! he said it was Sophie but no more. This obviously wasn’t enough info for Marie who called her daughter, who having just made her top secret pledge to the mission denied she had text him at all.

So what have you got to say to that Ben? He is obviously a liar Rome looks along way away and the sofa looks a more likely next destination. As is that’s not enough he finds himself in his underpants getting ready for bed by this stage. Marie is not to be fobbed of lightly so Ben is forced to find the ring get down on one knee in his underpants and propose. Thank god she believed him and the ragging guilt at what a B***h she must have seemed said yes!

Marie & Ben Carlyon Bay 26th July 180

The sun shone brightly on the day and all went well. As my friend says there’s bound to snags!!

Marie & Ben Carlyon Bay 26th July 511

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