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Rewards for brides,help for exhibitors, back up for all!


I was recently at the Westcountry Wedding Awards, the Oscars of the wedding industry, singing waiters and all. The care and attention to detail was all around from the moment you enter  and your photo is taken in front of the sponsor’s  board like a film star at the Oscar’s you are made to feel special.The production was very slick as were some of the suits. The lady presenter pointed out during the award presentations that the whole awards production cost more than the ticket price covered! The evening and the awards where all made possible only because of the cooperation of sponsors, support of colleagues and some clever planning.

Having just done our first wedding fair under similar circumstances, I made an action plan of my notes from our Carnmarth event and the comments made to me. Sometimes the environment you are in makes things come into focus for you.

At our fairs Brides will be given a badge to make them stand out and hopefully feel a little bit special.The Brides who are winners of the prizes at the fairs should be sent photos of them receiving the prize or the voucher. We will visit those exhibiting alone during the show to get them refreshments or relieve the stand for a couple of minutes.We will have help available for exhibitors when they arrive to unload for set up and when they finish. Exhibitors said of the Carnmarth event it was the only show where they ever had physical help. Where else do Brides get prizes and exhibitors get real help?

The result of the network of connections we have made together as a collective is that we have made a web between us that gives couples a safety net. What I mean is as a photographer I have exchanged leads for jobs I cant do with other  photographers of a similar style and price. The network between our members means that back up exists for clients from within our network for something similar at short notice if needed. I know the same thing has happened with some cake makers and we will continue to promote collective promotion and support. It has obvious benefits to all. Back up on the special day is more reassuring and effective, as insurance only takes care of the money not the loss of the service you wanted.

We enjoy a special relationship with or website designer and can share this benefit with members. We can offer special rates for professional website building and development. With photography and copy writing at mates rates. If its your shop window make sure it does you justice!

Real rewards for brides, real help for exhibitors, real value results for your money, realistic assurance of backup. A collective approach has benefits for everyone!

Join us!

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