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What can I say!


Speeches are a source of stress for some and delight for others. There are some rules of tradition but the best speeches I have heard are those just spoken from the heart. Rather than trawling the internet for other peoples words, have faith in the truth of your own feelings and stories. The problem with other peoples funny stories is the comic timing, you wont quite get it because its not your story!

Father of the Bride

Traditionally the father of the bride speaks first.

He welcomes the guests and thanks them for coming.

He then welcomes his new son-in-law to the family

He the talks about his daughter and how he feels on this special day.

His toast is to the Bride and Groom.

The Groom

The grooms speech is in response to the Father of the Bride.

He should thank the relevant people for there help.

Honesty and sincerity is the order of the day. It not an audition for a stand up comic.

The toast is to the bridesmaids traditionally but its not written in stone!

The Best Man

He has more room for humor but not too blue its a family audience and some stories are between mates!

The idea is to give an outside view of the couple and the groom. Funny is fine but sensitive will hit a bigger audience. Remember Granny is listening!

Toast the happy couple and read messages and cards from people who couldn’t come.

What can I say

If your reading from notes, make the bullet points clear. Have the speech in full just in case you stand up and your mind goes blank. A stuttering read is better than a stunned silence!

Say what you feel not just what you think your roles tradition requires. Sincerity is the secret to a memorable speech.

Props and technology can help I have seen posters, instruments and even Skype conversations with relations abroad projected on the wall for the whole room to see.

Practice so you know the pattern of the speech and where you go next, adlib is fine but go too far of course you wont find your way back and make sense!

If you are expecting a laugh give them time to realise they can, If they dont tell them they can and they will, usually!

Be you and be true the rest will work out!


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